There are two versions of the RIC system. The simplest version is the intelligent feeding gate. Which consists of a galvanized feeding gate, an access slide, identification sensors and cow identification. The feeding gate is a solid, open construction and is not an obstruction during feed intake. A vertical access slide enables the animals to eat. After a visiting period, which has been set in advance, the slide will push the cow out of the eating position. If during a visit no cow has been recorded by the sensors, the slide will close off the feeding place immediately. The set visiting period per cow is hereby guaranteed. The access slide is controlled pneumatically. The access of an animal to a certain type of feed is determined in the software by means of radio frequency cow identification.



In many research institutes, the intelligent feeding gate is used in combination with so-called RIC feed-weigh troughs, where the feed is accurately weighed continously. This version also enables restricted and unrestricted (ad-lib) feeding. If an animal approaches one of the feeding troughs, it will be identified and the animal number and starting time of the visit are recorded. After the visit, the end time and amount of feed intake are recorded. The amount of roughage intake is electronically measured with extreme precision by the RIC weighing trough and stored in the RIC database.



The RIC troughs can be filled with a mixer wagon, a TMR feed car on a rail or by hand. The RIC troughs can be tilted for easy cleaning and are easily relocatable with a few simple manual actions, when needed.

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