Dairy farmers are faced with an enormous challenge worldwide. Increasing prosperity and a growing world population have resulted in a sharp increase in the demand for milk and dairy products. A dynamic, global market with frequently changing needs and prices, demands a dairy sector that is able to adapt at an instant’s notice. Dairy farmers are driven more and more to supply the market with milk at the right time, of the right quality and in the right quantities. It is this that fosters good entrepreneurial practices and prompts dairy farmers to further optimise the profitability of their business.

To achieve this objective, the dairy farmer is surrounded by a large number of ‘sensors’, each of which has an effect on the required final results. In years to come, professional and focussed farm management will be the decisive factors.

Whether it is about genetics, mechanisation, finance, healthy food, climate, animal health, energy, water, ICT, the dairy industry, the environment, animal welfare, sustainability or billions of consumers, these determine the conditions with which dairy farmers will have to operate on a daily basis. A tremendous job and a responsible task.

With the dairy farmer at the centre of this sizeable web, the need for an all-embracing intelligent farm management system is greater than ever before.

A system that allows new technologies to work for the dairy farmer, and not the other way round.

A system solution that also restores the balance between work and private life. In short: we like to put our energy into a new future.

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