Expressing your interest in procuring a RIC system is the start of a relationship between our companies. We will assist you to determine which equipment is required to reach your goals, keep you updated during the delivery stage and our technical experts will personally come to install the system. Of course, this relationship does not end at the purchase of the RIC system, but continues during your use of the RIC system to ensure the best performance.

You can easily contact our technical experts by phone or e-mail at any time of the day or night, seven days a week and they will assist you in solving any problem you might run into. Years of experience lead our experts to quickly identify the occurring problem and explain the necessary manual actions in an easy to follow manner. If needed our experts can access your system remotely to easier identify and solve the problem. You know the expert assisting you and can ask any questions in an informal manner, no protocols stand in the way of efficiency.


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