The RIC (Roughage Intake Control) system is giving you the possibility of complete individual control of the roughage intake of dairy cows or beef cattle. The system also provides information about individual feed intake behaviour.

The RIC system can be build up in various versions for dairy cows and beef cattle. Depending on the type of research the system can be extended with concentrate feeding station, weighing platform, selection system, activity monitoring and milking parlour automation or our well known automatic milking system.



‘The system showed a high specificity (100%) and sensitivity (100% and 99.76% for the feed and water bins, respectively). This electronic system is a useful tool for monitoring intakes and feeding and drinking behavior of loose-housed cows’


‘Dairy Campus made the choice to install the RIC system in the new experimental barn for feeding research that will be built in 2015. This feeding barn will be equipped with 64 RIC feeding bins. In this way a long standing relation will be continued.’


‘Feed Intake Relative to Stage of Lactation for Dairy Cows Consuming Total Mixed Diets with a High or Low Ratio of Concentrate to Forage’


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  Dairy Campus, the Dutch National Centre for Research, Innovation and Education, part of WageningenUR  

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The Dairy Campus has made a virtual tour across their research facility, in the Feed Research Unit you can also have a 360-degree view on their RIC-system. Click here to have a look at the Dairy Campus.

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