Conventional Milking Solutions

Clear, reliable and user friendly

The Hokofarm Group offers an innovative and advanced management software “Apollo”, combined with a reliable and easy to install electronic and identification platform. This offers your customers a wide range of opportunities in managing a dairy herd. The Hokofarm Group can offer you the solutions to unburden your customers and provide them all the possibilities for efficient and professional dairy farming.  

Some advantages of the Apollo platform:

  • OEM labelling 
  • 24/7 full access from a distance, by pc or mobile device 
  • Modular structure 
  • Easy entering of data, animal individual or by group
  • User friendly design in clear graphics

Ready for the future

Just like the rapidly changing demands in the dairy industry, the Hokofarm Group is in constant development, with a clear focus on future developments. One of the important upgrades in our Apollo platform, is connectivity. With the central process controller, you have a 24/7 full access via pc or mobile device. This provides you the possibility for remote support and install software updates no matter when or where you are. 

Modular structure

To provide a tailor made system, the Apollo platform has a modular structure. The farmer himself decides the variety of different options.

  • Milk flow measurement or ICAR approved milk measuring
  • Stand alone or full iso identification and animal individual management
  • Real time activity measurement
  • Rumination
  • Individual in-parlor feeding
  • Out of parlor concentrate feeding stations
  • Roughage feed intake control (RIC)
  • Selection gates

All these different modules can be integrated in separate modules in the Apollo software management system.

Flexible and goal driven

The Apollo platform is developed on a base of 40 year experience in modernising and optimising global dairy farming. With insight into the various laws and regulations, but most important, the ideas and suggestions from our customers. 

Our in house R&D department is open for your ideas and specific requirements of the different dairy type of farmers you serve. This helps us to provide the solution that fits you best. Short lines and a flexible pragmatic mindset goes without saying within The Hokofarm Group.


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