The dairy industry is changing rapidly. The increase of the population, the demand for high quality food and dairy products, and the awareness in animal welfare are forcing you to conceive a vision that responds to your customers.  

Not all dairy farmers have the same demands. Local circumstances and legislation sometimes mean our solutions require technological adjustments. In close cooperation with you, the inhouse R&D department of the Hokofarm Group identifies the demands and develops adjustments for the solutions – making sure the solution is meeting you demands.   

Your vision will result in new ideas and The Hokofarm Group is your reliable partner, who will bring your ideas from paper to realityBased on our 40 years' experience in the OEM dairy market, we assist you in the full process from development to production in high volumes with a consistently high quality, to training of your mechanics and 24/7 serving of your customers 

The Hokofarm Group is strictly an OEM supplier. We are not a competitor, but a joined partner that will never bypass you by delivering direct to the end-users in your region. Our partners must be entirely free to develop and expand their business howevethey see fit. The Hokofarm Group will assist you in your journey every step of the way.  

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