In both versions, up to four types of feed per animal are available at the same time. Each cow can be given access to one or various feed types. The feed intake per cow is determined per feed type. Many years of experience has resulted in the trough, the gate and the electronics being designed and build in such way, that the animals cannot spill feed and can finish the feed in the trough completely. By adjusting the input, you can also choose the eatingplace of a cow. It is possible to allow all animals to feed at every place/trough or to select a specific RIC feeding trough for each animal.



In addition to the individual feed intake the monitoring of the individual water intake may also be of great importance to the research results. The individual water intake can be recorded with the help of specially designed RIC water-weigh trough. After drinking the water trough is refilled up again automatically. The water trough is sufficient for 20 to 25 animals (depending on local climate situations and animal regulations).

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