Astrea 20.20 Premium

The Astrea 20.20 Premium offers an all-in-one solution for automatic milking and is without a doubt the most reliable solution on the market today. It enables you to increase your milking capacity in the most efficient and user-friendly way. The Astrea 20.20 Premium is suitable for all types of dairy farming and the return investment is quicker than you’d expect. The advanced and modern technology constitutes a sound basis the dairy farmer can fully rely on.

    The tried and trusted industrial robot technology of the Astrea 20.20 Premium provides exceptional levels of reliability. When the milking process has started, there is no more technology present under the cow to create less stress factors and to reduce the risk of injury to the animal or damage to the system. The special generation of 20.20 laser and scanning technology also guarantees quick and reliable attachment to the milk teats.
    The Astrea 20.20 Premium steam cleaning system kills any bacteria quickly without the need for a cleaning agent. This ensures optimum safety in respect of udder health, food safety and has less environmental impact. After each milking, the teat cups are cleaned immediately with hot steam by the steam cleaning system.
    The Astrea 20.20 Premium milks in the same order milking parlours have facilitated for decades. First the udder is cleaned and there is pre-stimulation to get the milk flowing. This is done by a special pre-milking teat cup, which cleans and dries each teat individually. The pre-milking teat is also cleaned after each cow. Second the teat cups are attached and the milking occurs. The teat cups are removed individually for each udder part depending on the milk flow. After milking, the cow is released and the milk is transferred to the central milk cooling tank.
    It is also possible to separate the milk depending on quality. The Astrea 20.20 Premium gives you serval options to separate the milk. The management program can redirect any milk that fails to meet the required grade to be collected in one of three milk containers. The milk is also checked for its colour to determine if it contains any blood and this milk is separated. Of course, dairy farmers can also separate the milk on individual basis.
    The Vision2Milk technology ensures excellent udder health due to a high attachment rate. The technology has extremely accurate teat detection by means of its unique vision technology which minimizes the number of failed milking attempts. The high quality AttachTool delivers the (pre-milking) teat cups to the udder of the cow with quick efficiency and accuracy. Its robust design and watertight compartments provide good durability.
    The spacious box with its soft rubber floor guarantees maximum cow comfort. The open visibility for the cow and the cow friendly access gates, with ample space to move in and out, reduce stress factors and ensure a convenient and practical arrangement for both the cow and the dairy farmer.
    The use of high-quality stainless steel, the low number of moving parts, and the use of industrial robotic techniques ensures a long life of the Astrea 20.20 Premium. The central machine allows for maintenance to be carried out while it is in operation and all components are easily accessible. The reliable technology, the use of durable materials and the economic power and water consumption ensure low maintenance costs and immediately make the Astrea 20.20 Premium the most profitable AMS of its kind.
    The installation of a fully automated milking system has never been this easy. Only the milk and feed transport lines and the water and power supplies need to be put in place; everything else has already been done for you in the factory. Everything has been fully tested and can be fitted quickly and easily in any type of cow barn. Relocating the robot after changes to the operational management at some point in the future is also a quick and easy procedure.
    Based on many years of research and experience, Hokofarm Group has developed the TIM 20.20 Farm Controller (Total Integrated Management). The TIM 20.20 is a mathematical genius: the first system to translate all daily information, externally and internally, locally and internationally, into usable management information for the dairy farmer. The dairy farmer can set his own performance monitors in the corresponding management software to present the current position of the farm in an easy to interpret way, allowing the farmer to respond to situations immediately.

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