Management software

The management software for the IVOG-system, PPTpro (Pig Performance Test), not only registers the feed intake of each individual pig, but also provides additional management data. The deviation report offers you the possibility of a rapid control of the individual feed intake of all available animals. The practical deviation report gives you valuable information, like which pigs have a deviating feed intake, if there are animals without feed intake, the feed intake per IVOG-station and more.

    The parameters of the feed intake deviation can be programmed to avoid animals being displayed unnecessarily. An extreme decrease of feed intake is very often signalled during the incubation phase of an illness. Other illness symptoms, like a rise in temperature, only occur in a later phase of the illness. The deviation report allows you to recognise and start treatment of illnesses at a very early stage.
    The recorded data can be stored as ASCII-files, which can be used for further processing by the user. Hence, the system offers unprecedented possibilities for selection and research. A direct link-up with other software is possible.
PPTPro 1

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