Hokofarm products are produced in quantity and represent the best in quality. By using the right materials and applying the best possible production process we are able to create a favourable quality/price ratio.

Before leaving the factory, every product is subjected to extensive testing procedures during which operating reliability is tested under extreme conditions.

Clients deal directly with Hokofarm Group. We do not use expensive or time-consuming intermediaries. Short lines with the R&D department avoid communication difficulties and delays. Our company philosophy ‘Bringing your ideas to life’ emphasizes the central role of the client.

Every Hokofarm Group product contributes to efficient operations and as such provides the basis for the development of your business and its results.

Hokofarm Group can provide total solutions for OEMs. Which includes management systems, milk meters, transponders and PCBs as well as touch screens, selection gates, feeding stations, and complete computer systems (hardware as well as software) for both traditional and automatic milking systems.

Hokofarm Group: bringing your ideas to life!

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