• SATURNUS 20.20 works for the dairy farmer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • SATURNUS 20.20 keeps an eye on genuinely everything around the dairy farm.
  • SATURNUS 20.20 is a real jack-of-all-trades, whose presence is everywhere on the farm in real time.
  • SATURNUS 20.20 is smart-linked to various measurement and control sensors.
  • SATURNUS 20.20 will keep you informed on a daily basis, in a timely manner.
  • SATURNUS 20.20 is available everywhere and all the time as an important source of information on a simple and easy-to-read display (PDA/GSM).
  • SATURNUS 20.20 is an employee you can rely on (linked to the intelligent TIM 20.20 Farm Controller)
  • SATURNUS 20.20 is also an employee who will keep you focused.
  • SATURNUS 20.20 attends regular classes (updates), is familiar with all the tricks of the trade and can speak 17 languages.
  • SATURNUS 20.20 is the one and only fully integrated farm assistant able to optimise your results.



  • Reducing the paperwork (entering the cow / animal number / details into the database only once, and the process will help the dairy farmer to achieve his business targets quickly and simply.
  • Thanks to daily management information, various correlations, calculations, daily notifications, alarms, suggestions, proposals, etc. etc., dairy farmers can maximise their profits through better fertility and health, optimisation of production (kg milk per cow per year) and quality improvement (fat and protein).
  • Daily management information on a conveniently arranged display (with custom settings). All objectives with a clear focus available in real time, at a glance.
  • Attention lists and reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.).
  • Control (Senior Management / Financial).
  • SATURNUS 20.20 is extremely user-friendly (comes with operating instructions and various pop-up help screens).
  • Transparent information, accessible for everything and to everyone able to assist the dairy farmer in (externally) optimising his operational management.
  • SATURNUS 20.20 can be directly linked to any officially recognised national herd book and milk recording organisation.
  • The system makes it possible to make business comparisons: “What is your position as a dairy farmer?” (benchmarking).
  • Links to mixer feeder wagon (TMR) and weighing equipment to enter the correct feeding ration.
  • Links to concentrate silo’s and dispensers for a summary of stocks and timely warnings for purchases.
  • Linking the SATURNUS 20.20 to PDA, with messages transmitted via the Smartphone. Monitoring the milking parlour, the equipment and the farm with the help of web cams.
  • All process technology is constantly monitored: the water temperature, the vacuum, the operation of the ASTREA 20.20 milking robot, the number of cows that have been milked, the visiting frequency, the maintenance intervals, etc.
  • Grassland management and solid financial reporting.
  • SATURNUS 20.20 is available and supported in no less than 17 languages. The yearly service contract will take care of the latest updates, etc.
  • 24/7 helpdesk, training, support, etc.


‘A future that makes sense!’

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