Based on many years of research and experience, Hokofarm Group has developed the TIM 20.20 Farm Controller (Total Integrated Management), a comprehensive new and sensational management system for the dairy industry: “the new main portal of the dairy farm”.

The TIM 20.20 truly is a mathematical genius: the first system that will translate all daily information, externally, internally, locally and internationally, into exclusive and usable management information for the dairy farmer. The dairy farmer can set his own performance monitors which the system uses to present the current position in an easy-to- interpret way, allowing the farmer to respond immediately.

The immediate relationship and exchange of information with the feed supplier, the integrated use of the mixer feeder wagon, as well as keeping an eye on animal health and fertility are just a few random examples of the benefits this complete management system has to offer.


Depending on the targets set by the dairy farmer, the TIM 20.20 Farm Controller controls the modern dairy operation with the advanced application of ‘process management’ and the latest sensors.

For his daily operational activities, the dairy farmer makes use of the conveniently arranged SATURNUS 20.20 Farm Management programme. The dairy farmer is kept informed via alarms and notifications in real time. Links with GSM or PDA have been provided for, as well as the integration of real-time web cam applications.

The operational management of a modern dairy farm is a full-time and demanding business:

  • Inseminating the animals in a timely manner.
  • Being aware of various government rules and regulations.
  • Determining and taking care of the correct mix of feed on a daily basis.
  • Constant pressure on the cost price.
  • The health of your animals.
  • Managing staff, flexibility.
  • Being able to keep up with purchases in a timely manner.
  • Financial matters, income and expenditure; your daily cash flow.
  • Making appointments with the veterinarian, overview of medicine use.
  • Supplying the dairy company with the amount of milk required at a particular time.
  • The correct and timely maintenance of your equipment.
  • Managing your herd increment.
  • Milking machine maintenance.
  • Proper grassland management.
  • Selecting the right bulls.
  • Automatically controlling the housing climate.
  • Keeping the weather forecast into consideration.
  • Continuously having to focus on your running costs and monitoring the same.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

In short: an almost impossible task. And quite often, all the weight is carried by the dairy farmer himself. At the same time, we are aware that we need to grow in a responsible manner and continuously look ahead in order to improve the operating results. More than anybody else, the dairy farmer feels committed and responsible for the safe production of milk of the required quality, balanced against the cost price for maximum returns.

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